January 13, 2011

I developed this film what seems like an age ago now, late October I think? It seems a common occurrence however that I develop a film, create a proof sheet, enjoy the 35mm square of images and then store it in the top draw for later on. When exactly is later on anyway? I thought it way over due that this roll be uncovered, I bring you three photos that I thoroughly enjoy. The first above is the result after one lap, two men out front battling for 1st 2nd over the crest of turn 3 at Hampton Downs.

Sigh, I have been eyeing out this photo ever since Hampton opened, disheartened with lack of a lens larger than 300mm I finally managed to snag it with that beautiful 500mm Takumar I got last year. Sharp lines of the track filled with SIN waves from drift days and dotted motorcycles drawing the eye along, beautiful.

For more photos including a set of medium format photos try here.


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