January 18, 2011

Man, this dude was really peddling his hatch at Kita! Not quite the smoke of the larger cars but tonnes of speed and lots of angle.

cough, I ummmm kinda dropped a book on the negative strip as I was cutting it up and it took a nice chunk out of the frame. At first I was pretty pissed because I liked the photo but now I’m kinda happy. It makes it look like an old poster that has been hanging on the wall of some garage for years.


6 Responses to “”

  1. liam lathan said

    such beautiful photography of a beautiful car ( I love levins <3 )

  2. yogihugo said

    Totally love the way the picture is. Wouldn’t say you screwed it up, you added more character.

  3. banpei said

    I agree: the scratch looks great!

    BTW: what brand/developer are you using for developing the films? I came to the conclusion my 4 year old Ilfosol is way beyond usage anymore and screwed up a roll of film (yeah stupid, I know). I like the contrast and grain of your photos, so just wondering what you are using. ;)

    • We have a HORRIBLE selection of chemistry here in NZ. The laws of bringing it in among other things are really over the top. I use Tetenal Ultrafin but that’s mainly because it works fine and it’s one of the few we can get here. Look up developing times for the combination of film and developer that you want to use before getting it because finding some times and dilutions can be a pain with little information out there.

      I’ve been trying to get into some Rodinal because of the long shelf life, economical dilutions and huge amount of information on it out there but have been having zero luck at all.

  4. banpei said

    I guess in the Netherlands we don’t really care that much for the environment nor the health of the people developing films… So Rodinal should be freely available here. ;)
    I’ll see if I can a place to order it from and I can send a batch to NZ if you want to (hopefully the customs don’t check that well)

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