January 23, 2011

Lola trumpet stack

Time goes by. People change, technology improves, car styling evolves but the passion for motor sport lives on and judging by the amount of drivers yesterday it is only growing. This is one of my favourite times of the year, a time when tracks are booked out and the classics have been dragged out from hibernation.

Last year the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing held the Bruce Mclaren memorial event and this year it celebrates the history of Chris Amon. I can only hope that these events gain popularity and continue; for the effort that people put into getting the cars to the event from across the world is inspiring. To check out my photos from last years event, click here and here

I missed out on the so-called ‘glory days’ of driving, a time when the only politics involved was who owes who a beer later that night, so I can’t help but get excited to witness a recreation. This year there was a round of classic motorcycles but unfortunately the evening sessions were rained out and only few braved the torrent.

Last year I shot the event on my 7D and immediately I went about processing the photos in black and white, only that could display the soul of these cars. This year I gave in and shot the whole day on film with my Rolleiflex in the pits and the Pentax on the track with my Takumar 500, only a few frames were taken with the 7D and I’m totally satisfied because of it. I have developed two of the large stack of film I shot yesterday already and the results are pleasing. I could really go on about how much I love the era of cars that continue to capture my heart but I think the forthcoming photos will do so greater than I ever could.


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