January 31, 2011

a poll? yeah why not, always interesting to know even if i only partially react to it

2/2/11 – At this time it’s pretty obvious that the majority of you still want to see my drifting photos from Japan. Completely expected considering what beeoneoneoh has become. Only 170 people have voted however, minute considering over 1500 people view everyday! Get your votes in, I’m curious to see and it gives me a good handle on the audience of beeoneoneoh.


10 Responses to “”

  1. Jase said

    All of the above man!

  2. Clint said

    I like what you do . just keep it up , dont narrow your content

  3. Andrew said

    I’ve been checking out your weblog for quite some time now, In the top + regulars I check. A few of the reasons and I’m with Jase, is that I really like all of what you put up; its personal, interesting and enjoyable. Keep up the good work sir. ~a la San Diego, California.

  4. alpha-kid said

    if its an order thing i would like to see (right now) the top two options.. mostly the top one but with bits of the next then the odd bottem option.. but im into drifting and japan so thts just how a nigger lives i guess( my preference )

  5. banpei said

    All of the above! ;)
    But if I have to make a choice: other photography…

  6. All of the above. :)

    And more 1200 stuff!

  7. Nick said

    More slammed March’s

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