February 1, 2011

These came out of the developing tank a while back now and as if they were valuable treasures; I have kept them to myself. I will admit they are ‘flawed’, the impressive light leaks from the accidentally opened container threatened to envelop these negatives. Fortunately it has only added to the frame and I couldn’t be happier.

You know you’re in Motorfix country when you see this^ sight on the side of a road, sitting precariously next to a storm water drain canal. Hang around as I unwillingly drip feed you some of my favourites from this horrible roll of film, I hope you feel and love them as much as I do.


6 Responses to “”

  1. casey said


    (L) it christopher

  2. banpei said

    Is that a Sprinter KE70 with a Carina twincam logo on its rear door?

  3. Nitro said

    Oh… My… God…
    This picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Will reblog it right now :)

  4. banpie i think its an ae71 or ae70 twincam ?

    • banpei said

      There never was a AE71 or AE70 twincam. The E70 series only got the SOHC 3A (Japan) and 4A (US) engines and the only DOHC engine was the 2T-G which was branded as DOHC and not twincam.

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