February 6, 2011

What interests me the most about these photos is their relevance. To ourselves, those who visit beeoneoneoh they are relevant, to others they depict nothing more than a beat up, rusty, junk yard old car. It is this seemingly underground presence which excites me. They are not expensive and extravagant cars which are whored to the public through mass media, they are the soul of classic drifting which exist for no other reason than to be driven. It would be a foolish understatement to say no one has noticed this and that Motorfix has not influenced a movement among those who appreciate old cars. For this, I really thank Nozomu and fellow junk yard drifters for the future looks bright as long as this fun and enthusiasm remains.


2 Responses to “”

  1. Jesse said

    This photo is creepy. I dig it.

  2. Charles Nock said

    Thank you sir. Any friend of Motorfix is a friend of mine. te72 wagon love.

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