February 22, 2011

Relaxed drifting with friends under the summer sun topped with a gourmet BBQ for lunch, what more can a guy want? Cheers to Mark for hiring out the braking area at Meremere yesterday, it was much needed. Blair (above), turned up not expecting to drift but a relaxed atmosphere and all the track time you could want is something no normal man can withstand and soon dashed out there to test how the SR goes. Apparently quite well.

We took out Nicks NA6, now with Bilspeer knuckles and all I can say is they rule. You need these. Stock power and 195/45s all round isn’t the easiest thing to slide but having more lock than the pathetic factory specs helps 200%. Nick passed around the thing like a cheap date and by the end of the day half the field was doing second gear munjis.

Jay has finally hit the tarmac in his soarer. The tractor-esk non turbo 2J did surprisingly well!… at least until the W box chewed up everything but 4th haha. EX C’s Garage TE37s up front and Blitz 03s looking tiny in the massive Soarer gaurds.

Would you believe Andrew’s new 110 is auto? It did pretty damn well regardless!

For the first time in… well … I can’t remember I picked up the 7D and shot some digital photos. It feels kind of weird, like I’m cheating or something, no doubt the results are worth it though. Nick S rolling down the motorway, now completely road legal and loving it.

The day was not without it’s injuries however. Marks Dad’s SR20DET AE86 chewed an axle early in the day. Nick M snapped a fan belt in his white NA6. Joel blew a rack end in the yellow car trying to go backwards. Jays Soarer chewed a box. Nick S bent a fender on the guardrail. As is drifting I suppose, come prepared!

5 Responses to “”

  1. Davy said

    Sweet lookin Soarer

  2. Henry said

    Love the last shot. Beautiful looking MX-5

  3. 86life said

    It’s legal on those tyres??

  4. john said

    hey man looks like it was a good day. Is there any way you could flick me your number or email address.

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