March 1, 2011

The act of photography versus the product. As with many things in life, the act of creating images; whether they are digital or film, can be a greater experience than the product itself. It has been on my mind a lot lately, the act I mean and I find myself analysing each step along the way which in turn becomes it’s own product.

It’s repetitive I know but as I scroll through each potential element of each possible frame – eye piece stuck to my face, or rather sometimes not – I get great satisfaction in knowing the outcome of changing only one small process. A connection somewhere deep in the brain sparks ‘now’ just at the moment everything comes together and I squeeze the shutter. The metal reflex claps softly but strongly. A minute shudder reverberates though the palm and the moment passes by as if it never happened.

I carry at least the Pentax with me where ever I go, reliable 50mm tight on the front. The increased volume of film exposed is up lifting, the stack on my shelf ready to be developed grows larger and I find myself craving ‘the act’ and neglecting the product. There is great reward however, as I look back past the last year of negatives completely covering my dining room table/desk and the neighbouring double bed, that I know where I have come from and can recall at least partially each step in who I am right now.


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  1. Freddy said

    Please Chris…more of this RA!!

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