March 10, 2011

Terry Galway / TT Hampton 2010


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  1. primarilyblues said

    Excuse my ignorance man, but how do you process your pics? Are these typically film or digital? If film, what do you use to get them into a digital format? I’ve got my old man’s OM10 that I wanna try and use a bit during the winter, but processing seems limited to shitty scanners or a photo shop (not the program, ha)?

    Enjoying your blog lately with less of a car-specific focus, your Japan stuff is awesome and this nostalgic motorsport stuff is much the same. Actually inspired me to get the old Olympus out.

    • Hey man, they’re all 35mm film apart from the square format photos which are medium format (120). I develop the film myself and scan it using my EPSON V700. I’m stoked I have inspired you, film is a magnificent thing that I think all photographers should experience for at least some period of time in their life.

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