March 15, 2011

I don’t get to see the Mini racing very often but when I do I’m always on the look out for Warren Herons Supermini, one of my favourites. He holds the mini lap record on Taupos new A1 track with a time of 1:44.301. It helps that his pants match his car too!
Tier 2 / Hampton, March 2011

P.s. monopods are for suckers. The above shot is 500mm of raw manual focusing, no stand, it’s all in the posture panning. No sharpening.


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  1. Nigel said

    That’s awesome, can’t get a good shot like that without my monopod.
    People eyeball me and the Minolta when they notice I got film.
    So when I have the monopod also, the looks are more WTF. Its funny when people try to get shots like that with the camera phone.
    Once again awesome !

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