March 23, 2011

Gordons bay, Cape province.

I’m currently writing a management accounting essay (uhhh, well kinda) which may be a surprise to some of you. Whenever I’m out taking photos and talking photography with new friends/strangers, somehow the topic of study comes up and I have to spill the beans that I’m a 3rd year accountant in the making. Quite the opposite to how I spend my life outside of university but it kind of fits. I wish my eyes were a camera so I could catch the look of bewilderment on their face when they try and make the connection, man sometimes I even can’t.

Villa D’Este – 1968

Over the past year I keep stumbling upon my fathers old slide film and for some reason have never done anything with it. The photograph is not uncommon to my dad and long time viewers will know that I even use some of his gear which he shot motorsport with some 2084 years ago. So here I am trying to do this essay when last night I spied the slide box again and made a mental note of it. What better time than now to crack it open and be transported back to old time Europe? None.

Lisbon Bridge, Portugal – 1968

Unfortunately, given the age of the kodachrome it has loads of junk on them, the price of old film I guess. Never the less I think the images are relics. Relics that will always remind me that old people, regardless that you’ve heard most of their stories 200 times, will always have a few more gems waiting to be told. Cheers Simon.

The island of Capri, Italy

p.s. your horizon is crooked haha

6 Responses to “”

  1. Chuckles said

    It’s funny that, how many people who are passionate about photography are usually involved in something completely different professionally.

    P.S. Congrats to your dad on being the oldest person on the planet.

  2. primarilyblues said

    Spent many an afternoon in my youth trawling through Dad’s slides. Didn’t mean a lot then, but sure wish I could look at them again, see 1970s Asia and the Middle East through his eyes.

    Cool post

  3. You couldn’t do your dear old dad a solid and fix that horizon line? :)

  4. grad acc said

    When you graduate you should come work at the same firm as me so we can talk cars all day.

    • and where exactly do you work? :)

      • grad acc said

        Chch so it’s a long shot. :( Just nice to know that there is someone else out there in acc land so passionate about cars and can spanner them too. Will keep a closer eye on your blog.

        BTW hated mgmt accounting, 3rd year financial theory was the good stuff.

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