April 6, 2011

Rick Bone / SS2000 KB110 / Hampton Downs, March 2011

I’d hazard a guess that Rick Bones Datsun has the fastest A15 in the country. I’d love to see one that can lap Taupo faster! If I recall correctly the highly developed A series puts out 205HP at the flywheel and weighs a mere 669KG. From the outside it looks like a tidy coupé with some decent rubber and some body mods; it only becomes blatantly obvious the hours that have gone into this car when it not just beats, but runs all over MUCH newer cars. Rick placed 1st in the 1600CC class last season and 3rd outright with two 2000cc + cars before him but beating 5 2000cc class cars that attended every event. Not bad results Rick!

It has been quite some time since I last caught up with Rick and the car has undergone a rebuild and an upgrade since. It’s looking mighty tidy. Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy watching and hearing this little Datsun sprint.

For a spec list of Ricks 110 check out the NO.8 site and for a video displaying just how much this car kills it click here
Fastest lap-time at Pukekohe 1m 6.32 / Fastest lap-time at Taupo A1GP track 1m 40.02 / Fastest lap-time at Manfield 1m 16.5


3 Responses to “”

  1. […] Bone, the man behind NZ’s fastest KB110 is upping the power with a SR20DET! Apparently the 250HP A15 wasn’t enough of an animal and […]

  2. Pete said

    I want his old engine!!

  3. […] you’re into Datsuns and you don’t already follow Rick Bones Datsun 1200, I suggest you do. Having fought hard in SS2000 for years with his incredible 205 flywheel hp A15, […]

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