April 27, 2011

Red wagon / C’s Garage / April, 2011

If you follow beeoneoneoh, then you know I have hammered on about how much I believe the Motorfix cars exemplify the true spirit of drifting. I really do. Their ‘have fun and make use of what you have first’ spirit means the act of drifting is placed in position ichi. This leaves the ‘I’m going to build the coolest car I can before I even start kicking clutch’ placed about 4th down the list. Granted there is room for compromise… which leaves a lot to be said for this rusty, faded, dented and abused wagon which resides in a paddock outside C’s Garage.

Step one – according to the western Internet motoring world at least – identify how well the chassis sits on it’s rolling stock. 14 x 8.5 SSR Starsharks and 14 x 7.5 Watanabes.  They rule, move on.

The Motorfix banner was a gift from Nozomu when we visited in November, I think the wagon does the name justice. Elliot’s tropical palm scent keeps you in check.

BILLSPEER! Say it twice, BILLSPEER. Remember it, know it, buy it, drift it, love it. Adam and Mark are making some cool stuff but the cherry has to be their knuckles. When trying to drift a car with stuff all power, the ability to steer into your switches and keep the clutch pain going helps an ass tonne. Case study: drifting Nick’s NA6 is 200X more fun with BILLSPEER, even with 100% stock power. Buy them.

Interior, what interior? Who cares! It lives in a paddock! hahaha. A bucket seat and a comfortable steering wheel, done. The less weight in this thing the better, you wouldn’t want that passenger seat and/or rear seats dulling down the elastic like switches. You couldn’t hear a stereo over the 4AGE anyway.

Simplicity. Adam and Joel have nailed this 80s wagon in all the right ways and I thank them for it. In a time far from now, in a land where things actually get done and when I’m not so distracted, my truck will move again and when it does I promise to get someone to video them drifting together.

I don’t think much more needs to be said really, I enjoyed taking photos of this car and love watching it drift. Come listen to the 4AGE wail through the end of it’s stainless exhaust some time.


4 Responses to “”

  1. Great shots & narration.

  2. Eliot said

    That’s awesome. Update your ute

  3. Leigh said

    Great shots as always and cool write up

  4. adam said

    80’s check
    wagon check
    cool mismatched wheels check
    4age check

    i freekin love it

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