May 7, 2011


A shop we have often drooled over on the Internet, it wasn’t until we drove past it on the way home from a bunch of other shops did it occur to us to seek it out. STOP THE CAR!

I can’t tell you enough how weird the feeling is of standing in the lot of a garage that you have watched for so long from across the world. It’s as if it’s not new to you, as if you’ve been there before and you’re just reliving your memory. Then you see the cars.

Out front was a short line of black and chrome which each had a slightly different take on the theme.

Let me turn the exposure up for a closer look at their pearly Celsior. Unfortunately I was to stoked to think about taking some detail shots but I can tell you the details were fine like white wine.

Nobody was around so we knocked and like most of our experiences in Japan, we were kindly greeted inside. I didn’t take any photos of what was inside the show room because we were just trying our best to communicate whilst being polite. Well… that and I was most happy just gawking at the splashes of leather between chrome and 200 layers of clear coat. I obviously wasn’t as incredibly horrible at communicating as I thought as we managed to get a look in the back.

I’m holding the business card for Mr. Shinobu Hanai but I fail to remember if this is him, either way he was really chilled and friendly. He showed us around and pointed out his favourite features of their demo car, including the LED tail lights with about 200 LEDs and combinations of flashing sequences. He was a little surprised when I asked for a photo but I think after that it was open game as we were then also asked for a photo, and blogged about too! So that’s what it feels like.

Thanks AVANTGARDE, we love your cars!


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  1. […] from seeing something so well crafted is no doubt appreciated by all. Before checking into Avantgarde, we were on our way back from C&Y Sports which to my dismay was not storing their SR20DE + […]

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