yz 86 pile

May 15, 2011

Practically every track I went to in Japan has some form of AE86 around the edges. Due to Japan’s love of drift beaters (and the eventual turning of cars into beaters) it was sometimes up for debate whether they were just being stored or they were write offs.

YZ East had a healthy patch in their car park and I wondered how long some had been there. In New Zealand parts are in high demand, they wouldn’t last one night with them either being parted out or some half whit jumping the fence and commandeering parts.

What do you think? Beater or just plain beaten?

The odds of there being some damn cool wheels on the stored cars is high. Usually the older cars have either shallow Watanabes, streets or mesh but one time I saw an ‘abandoned’ zed with 13x8J Streets. I practically cried at the thought of them hanging out in a paddock with about 20 other rusting cars but overcame emotion with the “well that’s just Japan for you” thoughts. One day I’ll go back and see if they’re still around. Perfect example, ONI making me smile on the Levin above.


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