May 20, 2011

Rocky Auto by night / November, 2010

Heavy rain can’t get a Kyusha Otaku down! I have seen numerous photos of this particular C10 all over a few Japanese blogs I follow so naturally it was a pleasure to finally see it in the flesh. The huge amount of photos of it hammering along the track says it gets used and the massive bubble flares, wing and soft tires agree.

Walking around an amazing lot of cars is both exciting and sketchy. I wouldn’t be to happy with a few unknowns checking out my own lot at night, so we didn’t hang around long. When I go back I’ll definitely be there during the day so I can have a proper perv. Lots of love for Rocky Auto!


2 Responses to “”

  1. Killua said

    These pictures are too awesome. I think I can feel myself standing there on the wet floor… and the lighting looks great, by the way.

  2. Nigel said

    The pic with the blue C110…dreamlike !!
    Car lot of the immortals…

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