print display

May 22, 2011

I’ve been busy printing. The square images are medium format enlargements from the a man’s two wheels series of which the Bultaco photo (bottom right) is my favourite. The balletic image is from rätta till, the top two on the right are from a point beacon and the bottom right is a photo I call shallow water blackout (really have to hold the image to appreciate it).

I began to write about my process or even the thoughts I have towards these images but they’re always best seen in the flesh. I have picked these photos purposefully as each photo does take a substantial amount of time to produce and I’m happy how every one has come out. There are plans for a presentation but I must work around university. Medium format is the biz, I only wish I could afford to shoot it 100%. I picked up a new camera this week which I’m excited for in a silly kind of way, I should really take a photo of the collection it’s becoming a bit stupid. Enjoy.

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