May 30, 2011

Fieldzeye Automotive / November, 2010

This setting looks awfully American, don’t you think? Wait, what’s that in the background… a Datsun 510! I shot this photo digitally but the film version cannot be beat. For a long post on our visit to Fieldzeye Automotive and to see more of this California-esk Pao visit this post.

Among other wonders around the yard, this Datsun 1600 was being restored by Kenji and sat in pole position in the garage. Luckily for me, car speak in universal and we got by with broken statements about car parts. It still needed a tune but the L16 (as I recall) had just been rebuilt along with the twin Hitachi sidedrafts and Kenji was excited to show us that it now ran. A few cranks and a throaty groan filled the yard, mmmmm induction.

I was looking through my photos from Japan and dreaming of going back, as I do so often, and found these deep within the pile. Kenji was a super nice dude and had some cool cars in at his yard too. It’s these times when you can wander around and meet guys who are on the same level as you and just shoot the breeze, which makes travelling so entertaining.


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