May 31, 2011

I would like to nominate part one of Alexi’s Hachido Rokubu Kanari Juushou coverage as the post of the month. There were at least 3 AE86s in that post that made me yearn for the howl of a 4AGE but I think I only got a third of the page down before scrolling back up to this photo. This is very close to how I’ve always imagined I would build up my own one day and it really hits home as to how good these things can look. Bar the funky bumper fit and the black bonnet, the Air:yous hatch makes me pine.

I asked Alexi if he had any more information and it seems odd that this is the first we’ve seen of this car, well, maybe not considering the saturation of good cars in Japan. I did some digging around of my own and came up with a few sources including their website but no mention nor further images of the car. How scary is the Internet though? After about 5 minutes of searching I was google street viewed outside their shop in Ebina City and looking at 4 AE86s, 3 red and a silver. I went from knowing nothing about the car or shop to knowing exactly where I wanted to go if I was ever in that location.

I await the forthcoming parts of this meet and if it contains cars similar to what we’ve seen so far, it will be worth it!


3 Responses to “”

  1. Slappy said

    Damn that Hachi is ill!

  2. Nigel said

    It is amazing how crazy the internet can make things. It blows my mind how simple and secluded life would have been 50 years ago. Imagine the amount of people you wouldnt know without the internet at your fingertips.

    • Could you imagine the amount of information you wouldn’t know? Your values and attitudes towards things (at least mine) would be completely different, it’s kind of unnerving to think about.

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