Technical Factory KB110

June 14, 2011

Technical Factory KB110 looking pretty good! Not much else to say really, it’s pretty perfect in it’s style. The facelift bonnet, TS chinsupo, bubble flares and bob tail fit super well together. Above all that though, it’s clean and straight!

Via: sunnyday and crewday!!


6 Responses to “Technical Factory KB110”

  1. datsunfreak said

    Just when I had convinced myself NOT to put bolt-on flares on my Sunny Coupe you go and do this! :^P

  2. andygal said

    Not having the rubber between the flare and body makes it look cleaner. Hows that conversion coming along? Probably about as fast as mine haha.

    • yeah man, I could never really understand why people did that. It looks terrible. Slow, currently doing exams. I actually have law notes in front of me as I type this. I finish on Monday so progress is going to happen. Tunnel is all painted and sealed, and have run the feed line and half the return. Fuel tank is in but needs wiring. Have drivetrain all done. Just need to plumb radiator, give it fuel and take it to be wired by a friend. Exhaust and a few million small things and it’ll be ready to test :)

  3. AndyGal said

    Good to hear, Iv got to plumb up and mount intercooler, finish getting it wired up, modify my driveshaft, and all the little things. I’v been distracted by other old things, its too easy to procrastinate! This influx of wild 1200s on your blog is fueling the fire though!

    • Yeah man it’s been motivating the hell out of me…. that and this rain isn’t making riding my bike much fun. Many small things, just got to plug away at them.

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