Racing.Factory.Yamamoto b120

June 15, 2011

20V 4AGE B120 Sunny Truck Via: Racing.Factory.Yamamoto

Note the chassis bracing on the second photo, it must just about be the stiffest sunny truck ever. The first photo doesn’t show the cage or the tubs, he probably started to race it then thought “DAMN THIS THING IS SLOPPY”. I wish there was a tray photo.


3 Responses to “Racing.Factory.Yamamoto b120”

  1. rustbucketz said

    Great blog, man. Always refreshing to see post after post of awesome. :)

  2. C's Garage said

    Dear Chris

    Remember that time i told you to put a 4age in your ute, you should of done it.

    Yours sincerely,
    Adam Hedges

    • Dear Adam
      Although I do recognise this in fact to have been the case, it was prior to enthusiasm appointed towards the SR20DE motor. I do regret not taking the smaller gearbox into consideration in the conversion and I have learnt from this. All I may say further about this matter is that at least the SR (to my knowledge) is functioning and I am not left with an ill-functioning engine due to failure in the cam drive area. For those who may take interest in this conversion I am fast to recommend otherwise.

      Yours humbly and now wiser to the choice
      Christopher Cain

      P.S. SR20 gearbox’s are obscene

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