Kuni’s drag sunny

June 21, 2011

I’m sure those of you into Datsuns will have seen Kuni’s SR20DE+nos Sunny truck drag car before, if not check it out here and here. It was one hell of a sunny. If you have then you may have raised eyebrows and be thinking… is this the same car? It certainly is. I’ve been in contact with Kuni lately and he was nice enough to send me some large photos, thanks Kuni! Before taking a look down the page, have a guess what’s under the bonnet to justify such a huge raise.

When Kuni first got the truck it got an A15 swap, then the SR20DE so it seems natural progression to go to this VQ35 and  stuff it into the incredibly small engine bay of this equally small sunny truck. This is a drag car which I suppose is probably a good thing, I can’t imagine it handling to well with such a large engine up front. If you check out the post of it when it had the SR20, you can see that the radiator setup has been relocated to the tray already and if you look at the first photos you can see the exhaust exiting straight out the side of the car. Every bit of room in the engine bay and weight over the rear axle helps. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see some video.

I only found out recently that Kuni used to own this square light sunny truck and even drifted it at a few track days. Unfortunately it was sold to fund the VQ swap and set some serious times. Kuni and his Sunny will be debuting at HISTOIXJAPAN in September, if anyone reading this can get there I highly recommend going. Even if it’s just to see this truck killing some tires.


2 Responses to “Kuni’s drag sunny”

  1. Killua said

    I love all the Sunny content you have been posting lately!

  2. […] quite a bit done to it and no doubt would have sounded awesome through those Solexs. More here and here Posted by Christopher Filed in Random Japanese Metal, Sunnys ·Tags: A14, a15, […]

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