White sanitora + mesh

July 2, 2011

Carbon facelift bonnet. An extended GX-5 stripe. Nice height and a clean body. I thoroughly enjoy simple kyusha.


14 Responses to “White sanitora + mesh”

  1. datsunfreak said

    That is gorgeous… :^O

  2. datsunfreak said

    Question: Are those 14″ or 15″ wheels? Anyone car to guess?

  3. datsunfreak said

    That should say “care”… :)

  4. datsunfreak said

    I want 14s for my Coupe but finding small 14″ tires in the US is impossible. Only thing I can find is 185/55-14s. Nothing lower profile than that. I need like a 185/50 or 175/50.

    • Yeah it can be a bastard sometimes can’t it. What’s wrong with 13s? Personally, I could never put anything other than 13s on a 1200, maybe 14s in the rear but it’d need a healthy chassis notch for that.

  5. datsunfreak said

    Most 13″ wheels won’t fit over my brakes. And honestly, I do think the 14″ wheels look better. And tire selection in 13″ in the US sucks even worse than 14″. Basically all we can get is one brand of 185/60-13, and that’s about it.

    Define “chassis notch” if you can? My car has IRS and a fully adjustable front suspension, so I can fit some pretty wide stuff. 14x8s are easy, so…

    • Are you running a larger factory brake setup? I honestly think, bar racecars, most people go overboard on their setups and you can put together a very efficient, lightweight and compact brake system that fits under 13s and will brake much better than larger more basic setups. Most people overlook braided lines, good fluid and the right brake pads and go straight for the biggest rotors and calipers they can fit. The S13 brake swap for example, after doing it, I think is a waste of time for a good portion of people. They are heavy, inefficient, and way to cumbersome for our small cars. Just my thought anyway, I think the whole “my brakes don’t fit” argument is a lazy one for a large amount of cars (although can be justified) and if they really wanted 13s it wouldn’t be hard to get them :) Just my 2c on the topic.

      The chassis notch. I just meant that most of the time 14s will raise the rear loads and to keep it even with the 13s up front I’d need to lower the rear more and at the front height, the rear will need to be chopped a lot to get rid of a lot of rake. I didn’t mean that 14s don’t work haha. 8J is certainly easy indeed.

      Drop a link to your 1200 man, I’m interested to see your IRS

      p.s. I think if you’re considering 165/55s then your brake argument just got a little bit less important :p A car can only brake as good as it’s tires.

  6. datsunfreak said

    I stand corrected! Just found a dealer online that has a 165/55-14!!!!! That’s perfect for a 1200 slammed on 14″ wheels. Should look about like what’s on the sanitora above. Brilliant!

  7. datsunfreak said

    FYI, it will see some track time, and not on these wheels/tires. :)

    I have some 13×8 steel wheels ( http://diamondracingwheels.com/ministock.html ) with 205/60-13s for track use (and since suspension is all adjustable I will probably raise it a bit for the track). The mega-stretch tires on 14″ wheels will just be for occasional street driving. Brakes aren’t HUGE, just newer (from P10 Primera/G20) and easier to get parts for. Some 13″ wheels will just clear them, but most won’t. 3pc wheels with thin “spun” rims should fit. Cast wheels with thick barrels won’t. Pretty much all 14″ wheels clear.

    And I’m not dead set on these brakes just yet. Only mocked up at this point, but I like them.

  8. datsunfreak said

    And to me, just my opinion, I think the 13″ wheels are just a tiny bit too small for my tastes. I like the look of the 14″ wheels better. the car at the top of this page is a prime example. :)

  9. datsunfreak said

    And thanks for posting the link to the build thread. When it’s done, my dream is to one day have it featured on your blog. :)

  10. datsunfreak said

    Anyone know who makes that front spoiler/airdam?

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