Forgotten lightning photo

July 14, 2011

Nigel’s post about the history of his 180SX prompted me to have a look back on the history of my own car. Whilst the past of this little Datsun is no where near as cool or eventful there are some highlights in there. This image in particular makes me laugh at my own idiocy. Parked up on the boat ramp in the middle of a rain and thunder storm taking photos with an umbrella over my head isn’t usually the best idea. Thankfully I got lucky with a handful of strikes right overhead, this was the best. The black centers on the MKIIs really gets to me now, I don’t know how I left it like that for so long! Here’s to fun daily drivers and innocent idiocy. P.S: this is not shopped, you cannot see the pixels.


6 Responses to “Forgotten lightning photo”

  1. Killua said

    This photo is insane, I love it! Do you have a bigger resolution version?

  2. Nigel said

    Still as awesome as the first time you posted this pic.

  3. COOLSEGA. said


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