The Beanwagon

July 16, 2011

14x7J 165/55R14

Marvis has requested some B310 Sunny wagon photos so naturally the bean wagon popped into my mind first. I’m never a fan of Tridents (Jellybeans, whatever you want to call them) but this wagon pulls them off pretty well – the 165/55 no doubt helps. I will post a few more from the folder soon but I thought this was as good a starting point as any. For another B310 wagon on beans, click here me matey

Via: Bochibochi


4 Responses to “The Beanwagon”

  1. Chompy said

    Chompy has very politely asked for pics of deez:

    Several times too. Please pleez chompy.

  2. Chompy said

    Fair enough! How come they aren’t popular?

  3. marvis said

    YESSSSSS! That wagon is awesome! Thanks!

    Yay, link too!

    Much love

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