Callum’s KP

July 23, 2011

It’s been a long time coming but finally someone in New Zealand has built a killer KP Starlet. That someone is Callum Gooding from Christchurch. The K series has been binned and replaced with a 16V 4AGE, always a good move and I’m sure it goes much better now. The front struts have been shortened and T3 coilover sleeves have been added with 350LB springs to make up his coilovers; tein keepers hold it together. Cut down springs and KE70 rear shocks temporarily keep the rear on the floor and under those tiny factory gaurds live 13×7 (+7) and 13×8 (0) Hayashi Streets. Callum managed to find one of or even THE last set of 165/55R13 Nankangs in the country which really is the deal breaker here. I really am jealous of this wheel setup. Although Work Excels and SSR MK2s are cool I don’t think many wheels can be as classy and clean as the Hayashi Street in small sizes. One day I shall have my own set too.

Although it’s not certified for the road yet Callum said it’s on the way but only after he has tidied it up a bit. I’m sure you will have heard about the massive earthquakes Christchurch has been having this year; I can only imagine how his chassis is going to handle the torn up roads. Thanks Callum for sending in the photo, I think I much prefer it to any overly processed and posed photo. It sums up working on these cars quite nicely. To see more of this car, check out his build thread on


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