SR Wiring Part One

July 23, 2011

Mandatory photos of the excess crap taken out the loom and the remainder which goes into the car.

I had a pretty productive night last night: machined flywheel went back on, the new Exedy clutch in, gearbox on, made some looped metal heater lines and painted them, new oil filter, alternator back on and swapped the exhaust manifold for one with all it’s studs.

Today was massive, my friend Nic Tauroa drove up to get deep into the wiring and what was meant to be a wet day was actually pretty sunny all day until the inevitable and it poored down when it got dark. I got the engine bay ends of the fuel line bent which just require one last trim and the filter mounted and they are done. The SR20 went in the hole again, the wiper motor cleaned and back on and the dash back in the cabin! It kinda resembles a car now, I even put the drivers seat back in for some enthusiasm. Man it’s really noticeable just how big the tunnel is with the dash and seat in.

Nic hammered through a good portion of the wiring and tore out a bunch of useless junk from the SR loom. We swapped a small dry cell battery into Nick S’s MX5 a while back which works great (Joel runs the same type into his 1J). I picked up the same battery which will be mounted behind the passenger seat area and out of the crowded engine bay. I made up a mounting panel for the ECU, relays and the new fuse board and have mounted it high on the passenger kick panel to keep it reachable but out of the way.

I was hoping we would get to start the SR today but it wasn’t meant to be, next Saturday is set for part two. There are still plenty of minor things to keep me occupied before it’s drivable including remounting the handbrake, plumbing the clutch line, riveting in the radiator support panel and shrouding the radiator but it’s getting there. I cannot wait to finally hear this thing bark.


3 Responses to “SR Wiring Part One”

  1. C's Garage said

    Props on the new oil filter man

  2. been watching your site along time, first time commenting. This commitment shows the embodiment of a lifestyle. Thanks for loads of cool pieces. that FCR motorcycle carb thing.. must have listened 40 times..

  3. adam said

    great to hear chris!!!! all progress is good progress… im interested in which battery youve chosen size wise as i too am mounting it behind the passenger seat…pls email if you get a chance…

    amazing how much you can rip out of a loom doing a conversion isnt it!!!

    keep up the good work!!!!!

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