Katsu’s Notch at Taupo

August 9, 2011

With a hole NZ track day under it’s bonnet I bet Katsu’s Levin Notch is feeling pretty stoked with itself. I spent the afternoon out of the wet in this thing with Katsu behind the wheel and I’m glad I did. Him and Adam did a few chase runs which I really hope Olly got on video! There were a few close calls with the entry tires but otherwise good driving all round.

Notch side profile is the digs, you dig?

I really should have gotten some better photos of ol Katsu but in all honesty I was just happy to be on the track rather than taking photos and I don’t regret missing the better runs for some fun. Thanks for the ride dude, the almost stock 4AGE goes well!


2 Responses to “Katsu’s Notch at Taupo”

  1. Davy said

    Fins look great on the car, so stoked for you KK!

  2. Mike said

    The rear lip spoiler def sets it apart from the rest. i really like it

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