Brad’s Ramen Transportation Device – 86Day

August 18, 2011

I couldn’t help but smile when we arrived to the track and saw Brad’s AE86. The last time I saw this car we were in Shizuoka Prefecture, running around trying to do a bunch of things before Brad left home to New Zealand for a visit. That morning we had gone in search of a worthy meal in this obnoxious ramen shuttle and to Damo’s and my surprise, were treated to just about the biggest ramen we had our hole time in Japan. Hooning the short, flat and twisty back streets of Brad’s area I couldn’t help but feel that the locals would be pretty stoked to get some quiet when that rowdy New Zealander sent that jalopy back to his home land.

And that, is exactly what this DoBRO hooning homie did. Still obnoxious (for a factory blue top) but now half way across the world, it was time to really bring da ruckus.

Looking just about as good as any panda hatch could on SSR MKIIIs and TRD suspension, there were even a few tandems. However, like most of Brad’s cars it seems, the little hatch has changed hands but luckily it has gone to a good home and should get more track time soon.

The 86 Day was all awesome and I was damn surprised just how many cool lower powered cars there are around at the moment. I look forward to the next one, hopefully next month!


3 Responses to “Brad’s Ramen Transportation Device – 86Day”

  1. Thomasdd said

    Great posts Chris, Like how your blog used to be! It’s awesome. Cant wait for your truck to be going.

  2. […] hiding away from the wind. If I recall correctly this was once Teeboon’s, before that it was Brad’s and I wonder what it got up to in it’s time before that. It’s pretty cool to see a car […]

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