August 29, 2011

“Oh RUNFREE, how did you know? Say we’ll be together forever”, the FCRs said to the 4AGE


4 Responses to “RUNNINGFREE VIDEO”

  1. mike said


  2. HERO STATUS, wish i could find guys like that here in Seattle.. Love to pick their brains on those carbs…

    • This is from the description of the first video:
      “main jet 165,air jet 45,ocemp 3rd crips from the top, 296-10.5mm-Sakurai-cams,toda 82mm piston, ignition msd sci-l rev9600rpm,trd n2 header,route6 cross-transmission,final gear 4.1,hey man products steering knuckle”

      and if you go to:, that’s his blog for some more information.

      Acquire carbs, make manifold, match engine specs and use similar carb jetting to base tune or reduce size of those settings slightly for base tune on a less tuned engine. Get running, tune, win?

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