Keisuke’s Superstars

November 9, 2011

Keisuke had some new lips made up for his 6.5J Superstars a while back to turn them into these, 14×8.5J -22. Awesome.
He brought them over last week and I drilled the lips to suit the centers pattern and last night stuck the low profile air valves in so they’re ready for tires now. If you have followed BEEONEONEOH over the three years I’ve been posting you’ll know I’m a complete whore for wheel photos so I took the opportunity and the calm cloudless night to shoot a few photos before they get thrashed. I’m pretty happy with the photo but wish the centers had been polished whilst they were out, look a bit dull in the harsh white light compared to the new lips. I’ll have to take another photo when they’re on K’s AE86.


One Response to “Keisuke’s Superstars”

  1. think they would fit on a Datsun 2000 fairlady id love one for my little D.

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