Nick’s new quick release

November 10, 2011

As far as cheap and clean goes, Mazda nailed the interior for their NA6 and I think the only alterations worth doing are ones which will elevate the level of cleanliness. Nick’s done a pretty sweet job at keeping it low key and his new quick release for the Nardi only adds to it all whilst keeping his paranoid mind at bay. I had yet to properly photograph that alluring cabin so when we fitted the QR on Tuesday after drilling out Keisuke’s wheels I couldn’t help myself. I shot these in colour which I’m pretty happy with but then I started to play with a greyscale version and had to make the decision, greyscale runs through my veins! Next I’ll somehow have to try squeeze myself and my camera in there to take a proper shot of the seats and cage.


One Response to “Nick’s new quick release”

  1. Slappy said

    Nice wheel and crispy photos man

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