Locost – Front arms

November 22, 2011

Man, things have been fairly slow over the past months in terms of cars but with more light hours due to daylight savings and less uni hours due to me finishing forever, things are starting to tick over again. The above picture is to show off the sterling effort my old man has been putting into the front a-arms for the Locost we are building. It doesn’t look like much in the photo but the time taken to cut, notch and ream out the pipe, cut and shape the braces and make that jig is much more than you’d imagine; especially when there are two sides. The differential and 5 link arms are almost done too with all the brackets welded ready for paint. The parts are also there to rebuild the escort diff that will go in. Dad bought a TIG recently too so learning to use that has been interesting although I’m the first to admit that I need to put in a lot more hours before I can weld properly with it.

My truck on the other hand has just received the last of the POR15 on the floor pan and tunnel so I can finally chuck the SR20DE back in (tecktill is the worst thing that ever happened to me). Nick did 90% of the wiring a while back so I can finally see if it runs! Will keep you posted but there is still much work to be done between actually enjoying my life outside of uni and trying to earn money to fund the rest of the build.


2 Responses to “Locost – Front arms”

  1. Nigel said

    Good Luck !
    Looking forward to seeing the truck running again.

  2. Don’t know where you are but around Seattle there are loads of people who give classes at centers for aluminum and steel. You should look into it. One of my relatives got a couple classes in during last summer and he welded hard lines for his SW20 turbo. Best of luck with the arms that looks cool, wish my dad was a stoked about impo
    rts as I.

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