December 4, 2011

Well it runs! and makes a lot of noise. It hasn’t got the idle control plumbed in so it doesn’t idle properly yet but that will come with the rest of the inlet.

It has taken far far too long between university work but motivation is there. Nic came over to finalise most of the wiring today and we fired her up after half a day of trouble shooting the auto to manual loom/ecu swap. There are lots of things to do still as can be seen on the windscreen list and I’m working hard to try earn some money to fund the next stage in the build but it’s coming slowly, I hope to be able to show more work soon. When I take the camera under the car you get a glimpse of the POR15 I’ve been slaving to put on under the cabin floor pan. What a hell job that was! Tecktill is the worst. I should have really given a better D.RESSA style walk around to show the tunnel and what not but I might save that until it’s properly painting and what not. I’m stoked!


4 Responses to “IT LIVES!”

  1. adam said

    congrats chris, its a great motivation to hear it for the first time!!!!!! youll get stuck in now that it fires… well done

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