Nick’s NA6 – Painted Cage

December 8, 2011

Nick and Keisuke painted the cage in Nick’s NA6 a few weekends back now and I shot a few photos of it when I got home from work. It’s black with a red pearl tinted clear coat over it. 95% of the time it just looks black but the odd time it gets in the sun the red comes out. Nick doesn’t have a blog (clearly isn’t very cool) so I suppose his car can live through beeoneoneoh. There are a few track days coming up before the end of the year so as long as Nick keeps this in one piece I should have some more photos/video of it being used up soon.

5 Responses to “Nick’s NA6 – Painted Cage”

  1. Nice! Didn’t notice the pearl with roof on :)

  2. datsunfreak said

    That is one sexy Miata…

  3. I have been grabbing pictures of this car since I’ve seen it! I LOVE IT! Make Nick get a blog right now!

  4. after my heart. i love that set of wheels.

  5. sunnyb110 said

    im in love, keep it going

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