Dad’s VFR400

March 4, 2012

About 200 years ago, my dad sold his bike to buy a fridge and completed his embrace of family life. After being motorcycle-less for so long and after many many hours put in encouraging his return to his teenage years, he FINALLY owns another bike!. This time it’s not a single cylinder thumper but a V4, 400cc twin cam, 59HP Honda VFR400, every teenager from the 1980s wet dream. She snarls like a cougar, moves like a super model and makes me embarrassed to ride a CG125 but it’s good to have another sports bike in the garage.

My dad’s 60 years young but grins like a 20 year old and I’m incredibly happy to see two passions reunited at last. Here’s to being a guy and buying dangerous toys that fuel our soul.

4 Responses to “Dad’s VFR400”

  1. caramelCHOMP said

    Looks fantastic! i have a CBR250RR that’s a hoot to ride. Please feel free to post more pictures of this VFR. Maybe some action shots?

  2. I so love the older Hondas with twin round headlights…

  3. Ruiz said

    AMAZING. I have always though these were so sweet.
    It’s cool that your old man is riding this! Dads always have to stop doing cool stuff when they start families :-(

  4. […] place and threw out a tonne of useless mess and made more space. How good it feels to have space! Simon’s VFR400 has a bit of an issue at the moment with it running roughly and the first culprit was the carbs so […]

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