Clutch & Throttle

March 13, 2012

Cough… yeah, I still own this thing. I don’t post much about it because anything I seem to be doing to it isn’t that amazing or blog worthy but here’s an update. Handbrake is mounted, has had a new and longer cable made and works like butter. I had a new throttle cable made with the original B120 firewall mount on the end and that’s also a goer excluding it still needing two washers on the mounting face. A nice new braided clutch line pokes through the firewall and banjos onto the under dash master cylinder. The remote reservoir is mounted in the engine bay and awaits a right angle fitting for the master to complete the system. I ditched the small alloy radiator I had set up for a larger S14 item and have cut up the inlet/outlets to fit the squished arrangement. I’m waiting on a BLACK (why do they even make blue) silicone elbow join so I can build the inlet between the radiator. This allows me to work the radiator inlet around the intake (which passes over to the passenger side) and finalise it’s position.

After the inlet and radiator is sorted and the suspension is back in I may even be able to take her for a maiden drive. I started it up again and made a ruckus the other day for some oral motivation and it has pushed me along quite nicely. I just signed onto a full time graduate job starting in a week so the drive to do as much as I can before work is currently high; whilst knowing funds are on the way is also reassuring that this will get finished. Last two thoughts: I miss driving a Datsun; and driving it to work in a suit is going to be interesting.

EDIT: So I remade the reservoir mount today with a longer piece running along the firewall to cover the hole where the clutch cable used to exit. I also cut some washers to fit the accelerator cable mount which finishes that. Notes: 7/16″ banjo bolts and fittings are impossible, I recommend against


6 Responses to “Clutch & Throttle”

  1. 2nd year Accounting grad here, what firm will you be working for if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Thats the one, I’m just out to learn as much as I can and this is where that will happen. Applications are pretty rough this year especially actually but glad I got around them.

    Hanging out to drive this thing! Awaiting parts is the worst.

  3. Nigel said

    Lets see a pic of the engine bay.
    And congrats on the job !!

  4. Get that thing running/driving/drifting/commuting!

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