May 19, 2012

Let me just start this post by saying the truck has not been put on the back burner, I’ve done some work on it, I’m just lazy with updating. I have however, bought myself another motorcycle, a Honda GL145. 145CC, single overhead cam, four stroke, it meets all the criteria for a racing series in australisia called bucket racing. GL145s are hideously ugly from factory and I spent a few hours today pulling all the road parts off it and cutting crap off the chassis. Whilst it still has a way to go, including a new seat, clip ons, move the foot brake and shifter and some 17″ wheels with better tires, it is looking far better than it did. For a comparison on just how ugly they are, have a google for Honda GL145. Dang!

I’ve raced at two meetings now on a variety of borrowed bikes (a Suzuki FXR, Honda CBR250 w/ TS125 engine, Yamaha YB100) and can say that I am 200% addicted. Whilst it doesn’t look very fast on the go kart tracks it is held on, there is more than enough competition in the field to get the heart pumping and the want to win out of you. Watch this space.


3 Responses to “HONDA GL145”

  1. Balang Project said

    I love everything about this. Info and photos from the events would be sick!

  2. […] the afternoon I started to test fit the 17″ VT250 alloy wheel to my bucket racer. The hub needs a bit machined off the end and I need to make some new spacers to center it but […]

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