June 10, 2012

So, it drives. Stoked. Plenty more to do still before I can really drive her

In the afternoon I started to test fit the 17″ VT250 alloy wheel to my bucket racer. The hub needs a bit machined off the end and I need to make some new spacers to center it but otherwise fairly straight forward. The GL145 came from factory with 18″ wire wheels as pictured in the first photos. 18’s are tough to get any good tires in so it’s just easier to swap to 17″ wheels. So far the bike owes me $210, not bad I thought.



  1. Good to see the sanitora finally moving under it’s own power! :)

    Have to ask, where did you get that front spoiler?

  2. sunnyb110 said

    can’t wait to see it drifting :P and can’t wait to see my SR20DE starting, awesome chris!!!

  3. Matej said

    Your truck looks so cool, and fun to boot!

  4. Mike said

    Duuude… props! Been following your blog for a while and have to say that its awesome to see how far the truck has come.

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