July 8, 2012

I’ve become lazy at updating beeoneoneoh because after following a few incredibly well documented and fast moving builds, I hardly feel motivated to do so. Well I have some news at the least so here’s where I am:

The last post I did on the 120 I was driving it up and down the driveway but it was lacking a few crucial things which I’ve now resolved.
– Alternator now charges the battery
– Swaybar is now installed with new bolts/nuts and I’ve cleaned up the links. I took out the thicker 120Y bar because I thought it wasn’t helping with understeer with the A15 in there. I may put it back but the factory one is fine for now. Note, when you properly lower a B110/B120 the swaybar rotates and touches the front of the sump. I made shortened linkages to fix this but with the SR sitting nicely into the firewall, I no longer need them. Factory items work perfect.
– I went around the engine bay and tightened a bunch of things which I had left finger tight as it was all being taken off so frequently. This definitely fixed a few issues.
– I went through the wiring with a diagram and deleted some unnecessary items and connected everything properly. I still need to figure out a few things but I did get the use of many items back which helps when you’re trying to test drive around the hood at night.

This week I drove it around the block with unsatisfactory results but it drove non the less. I figured that having fuel in the tank (that wasn’t stale) was a good place to start. I drove it again tonight after doing the above with very good results. Clean power delivery, and a smooth induction howl through the valley. I’m stoked, over the moon in fact. Time to get serious about knocking this bastard out so I can drive it without the fear of loosing my license.

Here’s an old photo for nostalgia’s sake:

8 Responses to “IT HOWLS”

  1. Still need to know where I can get that front spoiler… :)

  2. Killian said

    beautiful machine! <£

  3. beautiful machine! <3

  4. tevinnarain said

    It sits so nice! Mind asking what you’ve done with the rear leafs?

    • Thanks. There is another leaf in there and they have been reset flat and arch the opposite to factory when loaded. Bump stop has been cut down a tonne and chunkier shocks added. Nothing technical about that. I need to notch the chassis so I can lower it a bit more and even out the ride height.

      • tevinnarain said

        Hmm mine have had a extra leaf added to stiffen it, then reset as low as possible, plus I have 3 inch blocks and mine doesn’t seem as low as that :/

  5. love this car! it always motivates me to get mine back on the road! coilovers and s13 brake upgrade going in this week!

    may i ask what size including offset these wheels are? and tyres?

    they’re not the same as ones hey? they have more poke? or am i wrong :S

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