February 9, 2013

Ducati Saxon, Aermacchi, Ducati Monza, Triumph 3TA


This weekend, Hampton Downs is the host for the NZCMRR Triumph Festival. I received 24 medium format films in the mail recently so I jumped at the chance to run a few through the Rolleiflex and indulge in the lines of some classic motorcycles. The pit area was humming as it was filled with vans, camper-vans, barbecues, tents and NZs crop of European bikes ready for 3 days of racing. My dad ran rampant with the 7D as I stalked out the local wildlife with my Rollei. We swapped a few times and I shot the above photos, the last being the only Japanese bike present. A TZ350 twin which was for sale and wasn’t raced today. Naturally, I lusted over it for a while and the only thing stopping me from shoe horning it into my garage was the $12k price tag.

I will post a few as I develop and scan the film but for now, some digital will have to do.


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