I’m going through old film photos and well, there’s a lot of goodness in there. This one’s from the BBQ we had at Adam and Joel’s place for the NZPC article that was published. It’s sad to know that two of these cars have been parted out since :(

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Joel’s yellow car

October 26, 2011

I was peering around my film folders for something worth posting whilst I make time to develop these TT photos and how can you go past this? Man it’s been a while homey, looking forward to seeing this hovercraft float around again one day. The kit was a bit roughed up at this time, the front lip was half its normal size. These were the last photos taken of the kranze on the rear before they were sold. C’s garage

Brad sure knows how to make an 86 look good! Jason’s a lucky dude. Pity the blue top didn’t survive the day
I’ve just done a bunch of developing from the CMRR Classic TT motorcycle event this weekend and should have some photos to show soon. A few miscellaneous drifting photos for now though.

Nick @ Meremere Feb11

July 15, 2011

I haven’t posted any of my own photos (besides the lightning one) is quite some time but I suppose with it pouring down outside what better time to start again then now. I haven’t shot any drifting in a long time but looking back on the last Meremere day reminds me exactly why we go through all this. Can I just say for all those thinking about drifting a Miata: with the BILSPEER knuckles in it, it really is one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven. Even with a completely stock engine it was able to manji in second gear – that is, with 5 degrees rear camber and 195/45s.

Rick Bone, the man behind NZ’s fastest KB110 is upping the power with a SR20DET! Apparently the 250HP A15 wasn’t enough of an animal and aims for a conservative and reliable 300HP by the way of a dry sump setup, Tomei cams and springs, injectors, Eagle rods and JE pistons. Something tells me that it may be a bit overkill for just 300HP and more will come when it’s dialled in but we will see. Rick says the plan is to race in NZGT or GT2 depending on how fast it goes and will be starting with 300HP at the wheels with no weight restrictions. A little bit disappointed the A15 got the boot I asked if there were plans for it to go back in the future and Rick replied saying he hopes to return it back to it’s original form at some stage. I’m unsure what he has done with the rear end but I think the H165 that was in there before has remained, fingers crossed it hangs in there as I will be testing the durability of them soon enough too.  The car will be at Nisfest as well as on the track throughout the season if anyone wants to stop in to watch some new car hammering. Thanks to Rick and Nicky for the photos and I wait eagerly for it’s debut.

May 21, 2011


I did some quick product shots for Adam and Joel a few weeks back of their growing Billspeer line. We both know you want some so go here and tell them you want to go backwards.

May 13, 2011

April 30, 2011

Making the most of a rainy weekend / BBQ Grillin at C’s Garage / April, 2011

April 27, 2011

Red wagon / C’s Garage / April, 2011

If you follow beeoneoneoh, then you know I have hammered on about how much I believe the Motorfix cars exemplify the true spirit of drifting. I really do. Their ‘have fun and make use of what you have first’ spirit means the act of drifting is placed in position ichi. This leaves the ‘I’m going to build the coolest car I can before I even start kicking clutch’ placed about 4th down the list. Granted there is room for compromise… which leaves a lot to be said for this rusty, faded, dented and abused wagon which resides in a paddock outside C’s Garage.

Step one – according to the western Internet motoring world at least – identify how well the chassis sits on it’s rolling stock. 14 x 8.5 SSR Starsharks and 14 x 7.5 Watanabes.  They rule, move on.

The Motorfix banner was a gift from Nozomu when we visited in November, I think the wagon does the name justice. Elliot’s tropical palm scent keeps you in check.

BILLSPEER! Say it twice, BILLSPEER. Remember it, know it, buy it, drift it, love it. Adam and Mark are making some cool stuff but the cherry has to be their knuckles. When trying to drift a car with stuff all power, the ability to steer into your switches and keep the clutch pain going helps an ass tonne. Case study: drifting Nick’s NA6 is 200X more fun with BILLSPEER, even with 100% stock power. Buy them.

Interior, what interior? Who cares! It lives in a paddock! hahaha. A bucket seat and a comfortable steering wheel, done. The less weight in this thing the better, you wouldn’t want that passenger seat and/or rear seats dulling down the elastic like switches. You couldn’t hear a stereo over the 4AGE anyway.

Simplicity. Adam and Joel have nailed this 80s wagon in all the right ways and I thank them for it. In a time far from now, in a land where things actually get done and when I’m not so distracted, my truck will move again and when it does I promise to get someone to video them drifting together.

I don’t think much more needs to be said really, I enjoyed taking photos of this car and love watching it drift. Come listen to the 4AGE wail through the end of it’s stainless exhaust some time.

April 26, 2011

Joel is off to Japan soon but that doesn’t mean the yellow car will be left to wait. The VSXXs and Kranze have been sold and things are on the onwards and upwards. In light of this and the BBQ meet the other weekend, I felt it appropriate to catch it as it sits now. The ability to look back on each stage of a cars build is invaluable. I can only imagine 20 years down the track flicking through these images and thinking something, what exactly… only the future knows.

The yellow car is looking better than ever. New bumper with fresh paint makes all the difference. It’s unfortunate that the driveway is gravel but I think because of the tone gradients, it kind of works. Lets face it, it’s pretty hard to take a bad photo of a car so menacing.

Yellow car / C’s Garage / April, 2011