Mark and Mel from BLINK!!!, and Callum from Christchurch. There are some good things happening in New Zealand at the moment!
Top photos are from MGN Inc, second to last one is from adailydream and last one is from awesomepowered


April 16, 2012

With a friend off to Japan in the weekend and a few others soon to depart I have an urge to be back there myself (as if it ever really stops). Looking through the photos from the trip we did in 2010 made me realise I never posted close up photos of THE rust wagon, Nozomu’s battle machine. There was this one though, and I keep going back to the smooth tones my Rolleiflex makes but for the most part I haven’t shown a lot from this car.

In all it’s rusty…

… 4age…

… and holy glory, I must admit, I love this thing. The pure essence of drifting without a care in the world.

CCN Subaru 360

April 2, 2012

Subaru 360 + Engine Storage bay at Classic Car Nagoya / November 2010


March 31, 2012

Prince Skyline at Classic Car Nagoya / November 2010

326 Infiniti

June 17, 2011

I was looking through my photos from Japan for Casey and felt this one needed to be posted. How good does this 326 Power Infiniti look on blood red 19″ TE37s?

Toyopet at CCNagoya

June 4, 2011

Toyopet / Classic Car Nagoya / November, 2010

May 30, 2011

Fieldzeye Automotive / November, 2010

This setting looks awfully American, don’t you think? Wait, what’s that in the background… a Datsun 510! I shot this photo digitally but the film version cannot be beat. For a long post on our visit to Fieldzeye Automotive and to see more of this California-esk Pao visit this post.

Among other wonders around the yard, this Datsun 1600 was being restored by Kenji and sat in pole position in the garage. Luckily for me, car speak in universal and we got by with broken statements about car parts. It still needed a tune but the L16 (as I recall) had just been rebuilt along with the twin Hitachi sidedrafts and Kenji was excited to show us that it now ran. A few cranks and a throaty groan filled the yard, mmmmm induction.

I was looking through my photos from Japan and dreaming of going back, as I do so often, and found these deep within the pile. Kenji was a super nice dude and had some cool cars in at his yard too. It’s these times when you can wander around and meet guys who are on the same level as you and just shoot the breeze, which makes travelling so entertaining.

May 20, 2011

Rocky Auto by night / November, 2010

Heavy rain can’t get a Kyusha Otaku down! I have seen numerous photos of this particular C10 all over a few Japanese blogs I follow so naturally it was a pleasure to finally see it in the flesh. The huge amount of photos of it hammering along the track says it gets used and the massive bubble flares, wing and soft tires agree.

Walking around an amazing lot of cars is both exciting and sketchy. I wouldn’t be to happy with a few unknowns checking out my own lot at night, so we didn’t hang around long. When I go back I’ll definitely be there during the day so I can have a proper perv. Lots of love for Rocky Auto!

C&Y S15

May 10, 2011

I don’t think there is anything so universal between motoring dudes than good old fashioned internal combustion engine porn. Whether you are young, old, into early American cars, Euros, Japanese cars or even motorcycles, the groin clenching satisfaction from seeing something so well crafted is no doubt appreciated by all. Before checking into Avantgarde, we were on our way back from C&Y Sports which to my dismay was not storing their SR20DE + NOS Sanitora drag car but rather a stack of other fairly interesting high calibre builds. Take a look at this first picture. A tasty 3SGTE drowned in HKS, OS Giken and Trust parts delivers that muscle spasm whilst the polished front facing plenum and V-mounted intercooler suggest something more impressive than the initial brand name spotting.

Wait a minute. That doesn’t look like an old Toyota engine bay?

Oh dang. Putting a 3SGTE into an S15 is definitely not your usual swap! Due to my lack of Japanese speaking I didn’t ask more about the engine and the reason why he chose it over the SR20. A quick Internet scavenge turned up a link to an Import Tuner feature from 2007 which explains Yoshikuni san’s desire to show off his skills and promote C&Y. When I saw the car in November last year it looked slightly different to what was displayed in 2007. Previously, it made over 700HP with a HKS T04Z turbo on the side and although I can’t comment on the current power figures you could assume the 2.2L 3SGTE power is still up there.

C&Y Sports impressed and I may do a post of the other cars that were hanging around. For now though, check out their 2J Z32.


May 7, 2011


A shop we have often drooled over on the Internet, it wasn’t until we drove past it on the way home from a bunch of other shops did it occur to us to seek it out. STOP THE CAR!

I can’t tell you enough how weird the feeling is of standing in the lot of a garage that you have watched for so long from across the world. It’s as if it’s not new to you, as if you’ve been there before and you’re just reliving your memory. Then you see the cars.

Out front was a short line of black and chrome which each had a slightly different take on the theme.

Let me turn the exposure up for a closer look at their pearly Celsior. Unfortunately I was to stoked to think about taking some detail shots but I can tell you the details were fine like white wine.

Nobody was around so we knocked and like most of our experiences in Japan, we were kindly greeted inside. I didn’t take any photos of what was inside the show room because we were just trying our best to communicate whilst being polite. Well… that and I was most happy just gawking at the splashes of leather between chrome and 200 layers of clear coat. I obviously wasn’t as incredibly horrible at communicating as I thought as we managed to get a look in the back.

I’m holding the business card for Mr. Shinobu Hanai but I fail to remember if this is him, either way he was really chilled and friendly. He showed us around and pointed out his favourite features of their demo car, including the LED tail lights with about 200 LEDs and combinations of flashing sequences. He was a little surprised when I asked for a photo but I think after that it was open game as we were then also asked for a photo, and blogged about too! So that’s what it feels like.

Thanks AVANTGARDE, we love your cars!