June 5, 2012

This guy took one of the best wheels ever made and fit one of the coolest Japanese classic ‘small’ cars (although not a two door) around them. 200% filled with car envy.


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#1 B210

February 27, 2012

Still king of B210. I want this but a coupe

THE white B210

July 13, 2011

I have posted this car somewhere along the lines before wearing Hayashi Streets but I am prompted to repost it after the XR4 clad sedan in the previous post. THIS is my favourite street B210 and although I prefer the streets, these Watanabe’s sure look good on the white. If you’re wondering on the wheel tire set up, I’m fairly sure that they are 13x8J Watanabes with a 155/60, possibly a 7.5 in the front. The stretch is pretty hefty and no doubt some will hate but it’s pretty hard to ignore how good it looks.

XR4 B210

July 12, 2011

There is a guy in Australia putting together an inspirational build on a B210 sedan like the one above. White, XR4s but with a SR20DE. These photo are for you man, hope your build turns out as cool as this one! On a related note: I rode past a CLEAN KB210 in the best factory colour they came in today and I double take-d as it buzzed past.Huge love for the KB210.

Riverside 120Y

October 25, 2010