July 24, 2012

Sunday was without a doubt the happiest I’ve been since I left Australia in March. This Datsun of mine has been off the road for an eternity due to a number of distractions and money guzling activities so to have it driving and to drift with my friends again after so long, made me grin from ear to ear. Note to self: don’t start projects that are outside your current financial and time means. I only entered for a half day as I was yet to give it a real beating and didn’t know how it would handle it all. It worked out for the best however as on my last run before lunch I did a particularly heavy footed run and put a hole in the radiator! It looks like the factory plastic fan flexed enough to catch the bottom tank which is placed (foolishly) close to the fan. The blade slid off and put a hole in one of the core lines. I haven’t had it out yet but it should be fixable. The biggest entry contest that went down in the afternoon was what I was really looking forward too and I’m super gutted I didn’t get to compete… next time.

Massive thanks to my homies Joel and Mike for organizing a killer day and to the photographers who where out in the rain (I know how it feels haha) Mr. Roo Wills shot these photos and there are more on his blog stay classy that you should go look at, thanks Roo!


June 5, 2012

This guy took one of the best wheels ever made and fit one of the coolest Japanese classic ‘small’ cars (although not a two door) around them. 200% filled with car envy.


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67 210

May 28, 2012

VIA: Someone clearly living excellent car culture in Japan


May 15, 2012


#1 B210

February 27, 2012

Still king of B210. I want this but a coupe

Firestarter B210

February 19, 2012

OG Sunny truck

September 27, 2011

I was just looking back through Roo Will’s photos and his trip through Europe and blow me down I find a photo of my sunny truck! Thanks Roo, please if you have any more, even if they weren’t keeper photos I’d love to see them. This was when it was still A15 and yes I still own it and yeah it’s been like a million years since it’s been running but I’m on it!

I’m so stoked. I was at Keisuke’s place the other night with Nick before we uhh tested his AE86 a bit. I was rummaging through his pile of Japanese magazines and found an old issue of Autoworks, a ‘Retro Car Special Edition’ and what did I find inside? More photos from my favourite car meet! There are always those cars, you know the ones, that are so awesome yet you can only find scraps of information and images of them. This meet is one of my favourites because so many good cars were in one place, most of which are hard to find pictures of. I posted about it herehere and here. The guys up front holding and raising hands? Total sunny bros.

There are too many good cars to post at once so I’ll spread a few of the captures over a couple of posts. This Sanitora gets first mention for being high in my favourites and if you look at the top photo you will see the Hayashi Street B210 Sedan too!

Silver Mesh Sedans

July 18, 2011

Time for some sedan サニー110. These are two different cars but both being silver and sedans you’ll forgive me for grouping them. The one on the right is the ever popular Sichics 110 and the other is one I found saved in my folders, sorry unremembered origin.

THE white B210

July 13, 2011

I have posted this car somewhere along the lines before wearing Hayashi Streets but I am prompted to repost it after the XR4 clad sedan in the previous post. THIS is my favourite street B210 and although I prefer the streets, these Watanabe’s sure look good on the white. If you’re wondering on the wheel tire set up, I’m fairly sure that they are 13x8J Watanabes with a 155/60, possibly a 7.5 in the front. The stretch is pretty hefty and no doubt some will hate but it’s pretty hard to ignore how good it looks.