TEAM S CLUB is in the house! They may be veterans in the New Zealand drift scene but they still know how to party 4AGE style…

Well kind of. Behold Brendan’s 18A triple rotor hatch that sounds like angel fart after a big bowl of spicy bhut Jolokia chili peppers.

Tarran chases Brendan with all 135KW of his 4AGTE into turn one of this tight Taupo circuit

and hangs in there through the sweep.

The day got better and better for the cars with a bit of power as the track dried, some smoke even appeared. Team S Club has been organising and running track days for what seems like forever now and it shows in their consistency. It’s worth mentioning that Brendan is the man to see in regards to conversions too, he builds and modifies pretty much everything you see on his cars and runs an fabrication operation for anything you may need. Check out some of his stuff here: Convert Ltd.

Brendan / Tarran / Graeme

August 10, 2011

Brendan / Tarran / Graeme
18A / 4AGTE / SR20DET