July 30, 2011

2 Clean B110s

June 25, 2011

It seems the more I search the more I come upon amazing sunny builds and I keep thinking about the effort that gets put into them. Its huge and I can only wish more had the care, patience and money to do these cars justice like the two cars above. Via: Sanikichi

FCR A series

June 24, 2011

A13 EFI @ Historix

June 17, 2011

Fuel injected A13 B110 at Historix Japan 2010 via: choi bad father?

AY12 Video

June 11, 2011

AY12! If the LZ14 that I posted yesterday was rare… this is unobtainable. As of now this is the only footage I’ve seen of this engine and only touches of information exist. Ian took some scans of the TS Cup issue of Autotechnic a while back which featured some information and tech drawings of the AY12 and even an AZ12, click here.

The AY12 is another race developed engine which, as you can see from the tech drawing features a 2 valve cross flow head on the A12 block. What I’ve always found interesting is what seems like a twin spark set up with extra ignition leads disappearing into the rocker cover. But they seem to poke through small holes, if you wanted to change those plugs you’d have to remove the whole cover…?  These tech drawings show mechanical fuel injection so I wonder why this particular one is running quad carbs.

A few years back Mikko in Finland was saying they had a AY12 head and were going to reproduce some for those willing to pay for them but I never heard anything more from it? I think he had some trouble with bad companies. Either way, wow finally some video! I remember there being a tiny pixelated photo of the AY12 some 6 or so years ago.

May 13, 2011

Keiichi Tsuchiya behind the wheel of a KB110 GX-5 and a KP61, awesome. The 4K has 11 more HP and looks like it transitions a bit better but man, if he said the sunny was the worst car in the world to drive I still wouldn’t care. LOOK AT IT!
Mr. McKenna found this one.


April 17, 2010

Ian has kindly sent me some large scans of the AY12 tech drawing from the Autotechnic issue he got his hands on. Cheers Ian. I think if I had unlimited funds, a KB110 with an AY12 would be the power plant of choice. Oldschool tech at it’s best. Note the 90* banked distributor, the inverted oil filter and tall sump.
After the jump is a design drawing of an AZ12 which I haven’t seen before. A LZ head on an A series. The LZ head was a twin cam cross flow head originally designed for the L-series. Coool. Read the rest of this entry »

Random “snap”

April 22, 2009

Snap, indeed. Quite an unusal one actually. About the only thing you ever hear going wrong with the a-series is maybe the flywheel bolts loosening or snapping but never the whole crank end popping off.

I wouldn’t have liked to be in the car when this one happened.