WARNING: This video contains 4 minutes of munjis. Watch in HD.

I put this together last night from the day we all went to in December. I still have plenty more footage left that will make it into another style video for those who fizz on small NA cars. Yeah, pretty keen for some actual corners sometime soon. Anyone know if the Hampton skid pad is still as slippery as ice?

Why you so happy Keisuke? Is it because you’re drifting your notch after a dope 21st birthday drift session? Yeah I’d say that’s probably it. How about a big mac in your combo there too?

Keisuke, that penis, munches his bigmac in the dying minutes of the day and loves it

Keisuke’s father is over from Japan at the moment and came down for most of the day to get some seat time in. He’s probably over the moon to see the thing actually move after sitting on his property in Japan for 30,000 years

This will be the last meremere day for some time I think. Both Nicks NA6s need a tidy up and in all honesty I am pretty sick and tired of manjis.

MAJOR boner

December 22, 2011

Is anyone ruining the show more than MAJORFORCE and HIRO86? 1 Vote for best AE86 dudes

Here’s some photos of Keisuke doing his thang. I can’t wait to get some time to make the video I have lined up! The 4age burrrrrr keeps repeating in my head after a whole day of it and people are starting to question my insanity when I walk around making 4AGE noises.

Watch in 1080P full screen on youtube


November 1, 2011


Brad sure knows how to make an 86 look good! Jason’s a lucky dude. Pity the blue top didn’t survive the day
I’ve just done a bunch of developing from the CMRR Classic TT motorcycle event this weekend and should have some photos to show soon. A few miscellaneous drifting photos for now though.

Do my ears detect a new exhaust? It sounds like Kris has built a louder exhaust for his 4AGTE setup and I must say it sounds delicious! At taupo you could barely hear the car and now you can hear his every movement around the track. Drift cars should be loud and obnoxious, it has definitely made the viewing experience a lot better.


September 26, 2011

Pieman’s AE86 Levin hanging out at Mere mere. It has 15″ Enkei Big End Barrels.

Teeboon – 86Day

August 21, 2011

Why? Because Teeboon