July 24, 2012

Sunday was without a doubt the happiest I’ve been since I left Australia in March. This Datsun of mine has been off the road for an eternity due to a number of distractions and money guzling activities so to have it driving and to drift with my friends again after so long, made me grin from ear to ear. Note to self: don’t start projects that are outside your current financial and time means. I only entered for a half day as I was yet to give it a real beating and didn’t know how it would handle it all. It worked out for the best however as on my last run before lunch I did a particularly heavy footed run and put a hole in the radiator! It looks like the factory plastic fan flexed enough to catch the bottom tank which is placed (foolishly) close to the fan. The blade slid off and put a hole in one of the core lines. I haven’t had it out yet but it should be fixable. The biggest entry contest that went down in the afternoon was what I was really looking forward too and I’m super gutted I didn’t get to compete… next time.

Massive thanks to my homies Joel and Mike for organizing a killer day and to the photographers who where out in the rain (I know how it feels haha) Mr. Roo Wills shot these photos and there are more on his blog stay classy that you should go look at, thanks Roo!

Marvis had some wheels

September 10, 2011

Kyusha Matsuri Scans 2

July 28, 2011

Too much cool to comment on

Two Beige Sunny Wagons

July 22, 2011

Two beige Sunny wagons. Both of these are pretty old photos now, the right photo is one of Mike Garrett’s.

White WB310

July 17, 2011

DatsunDA Sunny wagon

July 17, 2011

DATSUN★DA B310 wagon doing it’s thing.

The Beanwagon

July 16, 2011

14x7J 165/55R14

Marvis has requested some B310 Sunny wagon photos so naturally the bean wagon popped into my mind first. I’m never a fan of Tridents (Jellybeans, whatever you want to call them) but this wagon pulls them off pretty well – the 165/55 no doubt helps. I will post a few more from the folder soon but I thought this was as good a starting point as any. For another B310 wagon on beans, click here me matey

Via: Bochibochi


July 10, 2011

I keep coming back to these two Sunnys in my B310 folder. Instead of listing everything I love about them I think it’s worthwhile just having an oogle yourself. One day… one day I’ll be back in Japan watching TS at Tsukuba myself!

Samansa KB310

June 23, 2011

1920×1080 SAMANSAサニー TS Cup car. ガレージオズ サマンササニー
13×8 Watanabes and slicks goes together like milk and cookies. This Sunny is very competitive and can usually be found on the podium at JCCA events. It set the fastest time at last years Fuji Jamboree of 1’59.348 at 137.638 km/h and placed 1st in the race and second in the preliminary round.

TS Cup Pitlane

June 23, 2011

TS Cup pitlane via forgotten source
I could write so much about this amazing image but I won’t. Take in the wonders of 70s/80s box racing