January 25, 2013

I made some clip on bars this week after work for the GP125. I’ve very stoked to have them at a more suitable height! Now I just have to cut off the front and rear foot pegs and make some new ones to correct the seating position.

The bars are currently at quite a shallow angle due to the bulk of the factory tank. I’m not about to chop and weld it but man I wish I could! I’m toying with the idea of making one from scratch in the search for less mass and better fit. I suppose I’ll see how I get on.

The above are two reference images including the bars. Note the frame shape, I’m hoping to change that…

I just realised I never got around to posting any photos from the Sunday racing in November! That… was a very good weekend.
The Saturday was the North Island series round which I managed pole position in B grade but wasn’t able to convert it into a win up against Dean Miller on a 70cc water cooled 2 stroke Derbi (who’s also a very smooth rider!). I got 3rd, 2nd and 7th (if I recall correctly) when I stalled on the grid, I was definitely too eager to get ahead of Dean.

The Sunday was a 40 lap race for anyone who didn’t have a partner or didn’t desire to compete in the 2 hour endurance race. Since I didn’t have a partner and I knew how large the field was (stuffed full of incredibly fast riders) I decided to give the 40 lap race a go. My riding fitness isn’t quite what it should be and my arms were stuffed after riding hard for approximately a half hour. The race wasn’t what it should have been with many quick riders who usually race in the grade going for the 2 hour. I took out first place however, and at the same time, my first motorcycle win, stoked.

So now I’ve moved out of the frying pan and into the fire as they say as I put myself into A grade. There is a meeting this weekend at Mt Wellington and with my bike running better than it did I’m eager to get my knee down on the floor where it belongs.


Dean Miller and myself onto the grid straight



January 21, 2013

So here it goes… the GP125 is in pieces, the engine is out, the unnecessary road gear is in the bin, clip ons are 3/4 done and I’m studying 2 stroke tuning like a fat kid on a sugar high.

Some reference photos of the engine because I’m yet to see any decent quality ones online:

A rough video I put together of the racing from last weekend. Hand held, shaky and my battery ran out for the finish but you get the idea. Turn the volume up and watch in HD.


November 20, 2012

Rick and Henk on the F4 sidecar onto the main straight, look at the concertration! These actually go pretty well with two people believe it or not

Photo of myself by my dad Simon

Last Saturday I finally got my engine back together and running after being sprawled over the benchtop all week. We didn’t get a chance to have practice before the October meeting so were allowed an addition practice and fun day last Sunday. I was frothing to get out there and by 1pm I was stuffed, too much track time, not enough muscle strength/endurance. I managed to drop my PB time down to a 33.35, 0.75 seconds from my last meeting, which I am pretty stoked about!

This Saturday there is the north island series round at Mt Wellington and on Sunday a 40 lap b-grade endurance race followed by a 2 hour endurance race (team of two, 30 minute stints). With the weather looking like it’ll stay dry for the weekend I’m more than keen! It was my birthday on Monday and my parents were nice enough to buy me some italian Gaerne GRW boots! No more fear of broken ankles! Whilst we were searching around for boots I bought myself some Revit! racing gloves too so I’m all geared up and ready for some more track time. Last on the list is another tune to make sure the engine is running at optimum, some physical training to get my strength up and someone to point out how to improve.

Keep an eye out for some more photographs from the coming weekend, fingers crossed on a good result


August 19, 2012

Check my art photography blog for photos from yesterday’s practice sessions at Mt Wellington. I can’t wait to race!